A little rant.

So my next post has come slightly sooner than originally expected but I feel I have to get something off my chest!

Now I’m not one to regularly rant about gay rights as although I am a big supporter of the gay movement, I am not personally gay and therefore the abuse that those who are suffer from I am not subjected to. But after what happened with Tom Daley earlier this week, it outrages me that a London theatre critic has now been fired from his position at the Sunday Express because of his sexuality! The HR department of the newspaper were tipped off by a third party that photos of the critic, which were taken TWENTY TWO YEARS AGO, were featuring on a gay website. Twenty two years ago the internet did not exist and this critic was not working for that newspaper. They were taken by a photography friend as a favour and very quickly forgotten about. The critic had no idea that the photos were still around or that the website existed until yesterday and yet the newspapers have still sacked him because his appearance on that website could bring the company into “disrepute”!!!

Seriously?! He’s a theatre critic, not a famous celebrity and his sexuality should have no impact on his job, especially when he didn’t know about the photos in the first place! I AM DISGUSTED.

And the man who currently owns the newspaper used to run his own porn website!!! Oh the irony!!!

Thankfully this critic writes for two other publications as well so his source of income has not been entirely squashed, but even so, do you think this newspaper stopped to think about the impact this would have on his personal life?! No I doubt it either.


2 responses to “A little rant.

  1. That’s disgusting! Imagine if we all got sacked for something we did 20 years ago or 10 years ago. Nobody would have a job! Poor guy 😦 I hope he took them to a tribunal for unfair dismisssal xx

    • meggymooloos

      I don’t think he has actually, which I think it’s ridiculous, but I think he just expects to lose so there is not much point. He would have a lot of public support though! x

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