Time to reflect.

Okay so this isn’t a tag of any kind, although it could turn into one if people want it to be one. I got these questions off one of my favourite musical theatre performers Sierra Boggess as she posted this on her Twitter page yesterday. I love Sierra; she constantly promotes positivity and her Twitter bio is ‘You are enough. You are so enough, it’s unbelievable how enough you are’ which says it all really.

5 biggest highlights from 2013 1. Going back to university 2. Turning 21 3. Getting to go to Ascot with my colleagues (one of my life ambitions fulfilled!) 4. Getting closer to some of my friends 5. Reaching my weight goal.

What are you most proud of and why? Probably maintaining my 2:1 in my degree after being on my placement year. Trying to write 14,000 words (across 3 different essays) whilst working full time was incredibly hard but I did it!

What did you learn most about yourself? That I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I’d been saying for years that I would lose weight and improve my health and fitness but I never did. Now I can say that I fulfilled a New Year’s resolution!

What surprised you the most? That I’m more independent and determined than even I realised. I had to be a proper adult this year, learn how to pay bills and deal with shitty landlords.  It was hard work but so worth it when I won and they had to give in because they were in the wrong!

What goals did you succeed in accomplishing? Losing weight primarily. I didn’t really have a lot of goals this year. I just wanted to enjoy it and I really have.

What were the biggest challenges you faced and how did you handle them? Living and working with people I didn’t know. It was definitely a new experience for all of us and there were some ups and downs during the year but I feel like we came out of it the other side by being pragmatic and adult.

Who were the people who had the greatest impact on you and how did that affect you? Ah now I feel all cheesy and gushy but I’m going to be honest; my friend Charlotte. We were already good friends when we finished our second year at university and went on our respective work placements but I think being so close to one another geographically and having no one else from university nearby during that time really bonded us and I now considered her one of my very closest friends. We talk about things now that we’re back that no one else understands and they’re just these amazing memories that we have. I go to her for everything and talk to her everyday and I’m thankful to have her in my life!

Me & Charlotte

What professional accomplishments are you most proud of and why? Probably just following through with my placement and volunteering for as many opportunities as possible whilst I was there so that I could learn as much as possible.

What didn’t you do that you wish you done? I honestly cannot think of anything. I visited so many places this year and met so many new people who influenced my life. 2013 was an amazing year.

What friendships meant the most to you and why? Again Charlotte for what I’ve discussed above. Also, my friend Jemma for being an absolutely wonderful housemate and friend who I adore and who helped me through one of the toughest times of my life when my dog passed away. I could give shout outs to so many people but I feel like I may forget some so forgive me if I do forget you: Hannah, Lara, Kat, Sam V, Lauren, Rosie, Beth, Una, Esther, Matt, Beth, Molly, Laura, Pete, Abbie…oh god now I’m running out of people!




What was one of the best decisions you made? Deciding not to care what other people think of me and not bothering with those who equally don’t bother. If you’re going to be a bitch, I’m not going to bother making any effort!

What day would you relive if you could relive one day? Oooo that’s hard! End of Year Ball probably – I came back up to Hull and had a fabulous time with the ones I love!


What if any regrets do you have? Not keeping in as regular contact with some of my friends since I’ve been back at uni. It’s such a stressful lifestyle and you live in a bubble so you often forget to call or text people back.

What made you laugh? More like who – my colleagues at Renault who I miss like mad! I laughed every single day I worked there and I count myself so lucky for that.


What was one of the biggest risks you took and how did it turn out? Errmm, having an operation?! I mean it wasn’t a risk as such because I knew the end result but I was utterly terrified of it because I can’t remember the last one I had and I’m petrified of needles.

If you could change one thing what and why? My dog Mutley passing away but that’s easier said than done!

What was your biggest disappointment? Knowing what you know now would you do anything different if you had it to do over again? Ooo gosh! I can’t think of any right now. I’ll update this bit if it comes to me!

What did you do that deserved some kind of recognition? Again I can’t think of anything but I’m not one to think in that mindset, I just move on and forget about it all.

What was one of the most meaningful things someone did for you? Sent me flowers from work after my operation when I was at home and recovering.

What was one of the most meaningful things you did for someone? I can’t think of one thing in particular. Maybe some of my friends can help me with that one?!

What was one of your favorite romantic highlights? Ha there has been no romance in my life this year! Only thing I’ve experienced was through watching romcoms!

How are you different now than a year ago? It’s a cliche but I’m older and wiser. When you go for a year out, whilst at university, you just suddenly come back and realise that everything is different.

What were some meaningful compliments you received? That I look really good now I’ve lost weight. It might sound narcissistic but I had low confidence issues about it before so this makes me really happy now.

What’s still incomplete for you? I haven’t got the job of my dreams! That’s my main goal!

What are you most thankful for? My friends and my family.

Reflect on the upcoming year
What would you like to be different in your life year from now? I would hopefully like to have secured a ‘proper’ job to start in 2015 after I go travelling. I would also maybe like to have met someone now that my degree is out of the way and I have time for a relationship.

What personal goal commitments are you willing to make? Not really sure, I need to think about that one.

What bad habits would you like to rid yourself of? Cracking my knuckles – to be fair I don’t do it very often anymore but I’d rather stop it completely.

What unfinished business do you need to complete? Ha – my degree!

What would you like to have more of in your life? Family.

What would you like to have less of in your life? Two faced people though I’ve got rid of pretty much all of them now.

What relationships do you need to improve upon? I don’t think any relationship is ever perfect so just focus on continuing to develop friendships.

What’s the best advice you could give yourself? Don’t take the next 6 months too seriously. Work hard but try to relax and have fun as well or you’ll drive yourself mad.

What personal challenges do you anticipate? What is your strategy to handle these? Getting through my degree. Relying on my friends for support and eating chocolate (totally serious about this).

What professional challenges do you anticipate? What is your strategy for handling these? Getting a job and not remaining unemployed for the rest of my life?! Strategy = look for a job.

What special memories would you like to create? Being with my friends, even if we’re only just sat around the sofa, drinking wine and laughing. That’s special enough for me. And my trip to America with my oldest friend Lara! That’s going to hold very special memories as we’ll have known each other 15 years by the time we go over there.


What do you plan to do just for you? Relax, read a book, go to the gym, eat, drink and be merry (cheesy but true).

What are you going to do to create healthy balance between family friends work and play? I’m just going to get very good at being organised, despite the fact that I am so already.

What are some personal growth opportunities? I honestly don’t know. I don’t think you know them until they hit you in the face.

What are you looking forward to? Graduating, going to America, possibly getting a job….who knows, we’ll see!


2 responses to “Time to reflect.

  1. EOYB was SUCH a good time, whenever I see the photos I get such warm fuzzy feelings…we all look so happy and bloody good, if I do say so myself!

    I will definitely be doing these questions soon, let’s make it a tag 😛

    Love youuu xxx

    • meggymooloos

      I was SO happy that night! You’d all finished your exams or essays and I knew that my placement was nearing its ending so we all just wanted to celebrate. It couldn’t have been better! And we lasted quite a while if I do say so myself!!! Love yoouuu xxx

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