Maroon 5 & Robin Thicke LIVE

‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke was my ‘jam’ of 2013.  I associate the song with turning 21 as I was in Liverpool with some of my closest friends at the time, celebrating not just my birthday but Hannah’s and her friend Rachel’s as well (July babies are awesome!). We rented out an apartment in the city for the night and fit about 12 people into it, when it was only meant for 6 – typical Hull girls! It was an amazing night and whilst we were getting ready we just had this song on constant repeat.


So when I got to see Robin Thicke in concert last Friday at the o2, supporting Maroon 5, I went a little crazy. ‘Blurred Lines’ live is actually amazing; hearing it with a full live band is something I can’t even begin to describe, but it makes the song sound like so much more than just your average RnB track. I totally forgot about the controversy that has surrounded the song since its release last summer and I just enjoyed the moment, dancing on my feet and singing at the top of my voice alongside my beautiful friend Lara. I was also pleasantly surprised by some of the other tracks that Robin performed during his set. I hadn’t listened to his album at all before I went and I expected it to all sound quite samey, but it didn’t. Robin actually has some really stripped – back tracks within his collection and watching him perform them whilst sat at a grand piano was just memorising. We were incredibly lucky as Robin performed around 8 songs during his set – I don’t think many support acts are given that privilege, but Robin has developed a large fan base over here in a very short space of time so I think he deserved it! Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and incredibly impressed with his performance and if he happens to come here this year with his own tour, I know I will be booking up tickets asap.

Robin Thicke

Now on to Maroon 5 – just wow. Firstly, Adam Levine is a god! Secondly, his voice is even better live than it is on a CD! And thirdly, that man can seriously charm an arena full of 20,000 people.  I’ve always loved Maroon 5’s music but I’ve never actually owned one of their albums before which is awful to admit I know. I just wasn’t one of those kids who collected lots of CDs when I was younger. Plus, I only ever tended to listen to the singles that artists released because they were the tracks you heard on the radio; you didn’t get to hear the entire album on the radio, you’d be there all day otherwise and these were the days before Spotify, believe it or not! Anyway, I still cannot get over how awesome they were. Their music sounds so much better when it is played live; their songs are mostly guitar led and you just can’t get the same kind of impact with that style of music when it is played through speakers or headphones. The band chose a great selection of songs as well, they really went through their back catalogue and made sure that they played all of the fan favourites as well as some ‘oldies but goodies’.

Maroon 5 1

My personal favourites had to be ‘One More Night’, ‘Moves Like Jagger’ and ‘She Will Be Loved’.  I choose the first two because they really are proper party tracks and I was just dancing along to them the whole way through. I have chosen ‘She Will Be Loved’, meanwhile, because I think it’s lyrically beautiful and on the night, the band chose to strip most of it back so that it was played on acoustic guitar for the majority of the song. I have embedded a video that someone filmed of it to the bottom of this blog post as I feel it is something that you just have to see.

Maroon 5 2

I really appreciated how the band didn’t have any gimmicks or ‘costume changes’.  They were on time and on stage for the entire 90 minutes – in fact they overran because Adam Levine was just chatting away to the audience for about 10 minutes whilst apparently waiting for the perfect moment to launch into a song. Also, they brought their first support act P J Morton back onto the stage for the entirety of the set because he was playing the keys and I think this just shows what thoroughly nice guys they are. The band admitted that they don’t tour Europe often enough and I think with Adam’s commitments to The Voice, it’s difficult enough to tour in his own country. I will say, however, that if they do come back to our fair shores in the near future, please go and buy yourselves a ticket! You won’t regret it! Mine cost £45 before all the booking charges and that palava and I think it was incredible value for money as we basically got 2 concerts for the price of 1. When you were watching Robin perform, you forgot that you were actually there to see Maroon 5. And when you saw Maroon 5 come on stage, you couldn’t believe there was still more to see as Robin Thicke had been on stage for so long. It was just an incredible experience all round, and one that I won’t forget in a hurry!



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